The Baker family at Kilchoman church
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Family History

Margaret McCallum, owner of Port Charlotte Holidays, shares family pictures of two generations of Islay relatives.

Visitors to the isle of Islay often have family connections to the island which makes a visit even more special and personal.

Margaret McCallum, owner of Port Charlotte Holidays, also has family ties to the island. Margaret's mother was born at Kilchoman in the north of the island. She grew up in the cottage next to the church. The Baker family lived at Shepherd’s Cottage in Kilchoman and subsequently moved to Balole - a remote spot between Bridgend and Ballygrant.

Margaret and her family looked out some old family pictures - they certainly give some insight into life on Islay in the early 20th Century.

John Baker (Grandfather) at the Sheep Dog Trials
John Baker (Grandfather) after the trials - what a fine looking sheep dog!
Annie Baker (Margaret's Mother) on her horse, Jim, at Balole.
The Baker Boys enlist for WWI
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