Ardnave beach on Islay
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What’s in a name?

Whilst deciding on suitable names for Port Charlotte Holidays apartments and cottages, Port Charlotte Holidays owner, Margaret, decided to name them after her favourite places (all beaches) on Islay, places she recalls from childhood holidays and continue to enjoy today.

Margaret with her father and sister in the 1960's on Kilchoman beach

“My mother was from Islay so we spent many of our family holidays here. I have lovely childhood memories of family walks, perfect picnic spots and wildlife explorations.

Whilst deciding on suitable names for Port Charlotte Holidays apartments and cottages, we swithered about using Gaelic names.  Having struggled with a few, I decided to name them after my favourite places (all beaches) on Islay. These are the places I recall from childhood holidays and continue to enjoy.”

Margaret McCallum, owner of Port Charlotte Holidays.

Saligo: I recall hurtling down the sand dunes and playing hide and seek amongst the huge rocks. Nowadays, I appreciate the peace and quiet, with just the sound of the waves and the sea birds.

Kilchoman: My mother was born at Kilchoman and grew up in the cottage next to the church. We would spend many days at Kilchoman, running barefoot on the sand, clambering over the rocks at the far end and skinny dipping in the rock pools. It still takes my breath away.

Ardnave:  My favourite walk on a clear day. The dazzling, clear turquoise water, the cows munching seaweed on the beach. The endless view to the distant islands beyond. The sound of choughs. The perfect picnic spot.

Sanaigmore:   A perfect beach at the far north of the island past the red phone box. Looking for golden eagles from the hillock above. Gathering the odd seagull’s egg for my aunt’s pancakes.

Killinallan:  On the road up to Killinallan we would often stop to gather cockles.  The lucky ones had a rake.  We had to make do with a fork. I recall walking from Killinallan all way to the caves and sea arches at Bolsa. An absolutely stunning September walk. Double rainbows.

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